Multivalued Elliptic Equation with Exponential Critical Growth in R2.


Curso alvo : Matemática Aplicada a Negócios

Palestrante : Prof. Dr. Jefferson Abrantes

Data: 09/02/2017

Hora de ínicio: 14:00:00
Hora de término: 14:50:00
Local: Laboratório de Informática 602



In this work we study the existence of nontrivial solutions for the following class of multivalued
elliptic problems
¡¢u ÅV (x)u ¡²h(x) Æ @tF(x,u) in R2, (P)
where ² È 0, V is a continuous function verifying some conditions, h 2 (H1(R2))¤ and @tF(x,u)
is the generalized gradient of F(x, t ) with respect to t and F(x, t ) Æ
R t
0 f (x, s)ds. Assuming
that f is a discontinuous function with exponential critical growth, we have applied variational
methods for locally Lipschitz functional to get two solutions for (P) when ² is small
Joint work with Claudianor O. Alves (UAMat/UFCG)

Resumo: 167_abstractjefferson.pdf

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