Mathematical Economics from a differential point of view


Curso alvo : Matemática Aplicada a Negócios

Palestrante : Prof. Dr. Edgard Pimentel

Data: 05/10/2016

Hora de ínicio: 14:00:00
Hora de término: 15:00:00
Local: Sala 502 do bloco Alan Turing


In this talk, we examine the foundations ofMicroeconomic Theory froma differential viewpoint. First, we introduce the consumer problem and produce information about a given Economy by means of standard techniques in Differential Calculus. Then, we proceed to the analysis of the Theory of the Firm. Finally, the game-theoretical is examined, in the presence of a small number N of players. As N !1, the problem requires additional tools - from the realm of Analysis of Partial Differential Equations - and we grasp the surface of the beautiful theory behind such objects. Examples, counterexamples, anecdotes and some historical background permeates the talk. This is based on a Klein Project article, produced in collaboration with Lucas F. Lima (PPGM-UFSCar) and LuízaMonteiro (DEP-UFSCar).

Resumo: 158_abstractedgard.pdf

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