Global Lq Gevrey spaces


Curso alvo : Matemática Aplicada a Negócios

Palestrante : Prof. Dr. Gustavo Hoepfner

Data: 04/10/2016

Hora de ínicio: 16:00:00
Hora de término: 17:00:00
Local: Sala 502 do bloco Alan Turing


In this talk, I will discuss ongoing joint work with Ziad Adwan and Andrew Raich. I will introduce a class of functions that arose in the work of Boggess and Raich when estimating the @b-heat kernel on polynomial models. This class of functions captures the quantitative estimates on the Fourier transformneeded to characterize exponential decay. I will discuss properties of these functions, give examples, and explore other applications.

Resumo: 157_abstractgustavo.pdf

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